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When it comes to paint we exclusively rely on quality paints from Sherwin Williams and Miller Paint Company.  Some of our customers also opt for recycled paint from Metro Paint which is carefully formulated to qualify for a very high durability rating.  You can select any of the three with confidence and the assurance that all surfaces will be carefully prepped before the actual painting begins.  Our professional painters take a great deal of pride in doing it right from start to finish. 

Painting Process

  1. We start with pressure washing your home to ensure we are applying paint to a clean and smooth surface.
  2. Then we caulk all necessary siding joints, corner boards, and window edges as needed.
  3. We finish with painting your home with 2 coats of 1 body color and 1 trim color (any additional colors or paint upgrade will be an additional charge.)
  4. Finally we clean up and dispose of all job related materials and debris.

Our process makes a difference you can see today and years from now.

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Miller Paint is a proven manufacturer of quality products that fits all your design needs.  They have invested more than 117 years of expertise in every can of paint.

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Evolution ® Lifetime Warranty Exterior Coating is 100% pure acrylicco-polymer resin for long lasting durability and is covered by their exclusive lifetime warranty.  




Home painting with Miler Agri Lite paintAcri-Lite is the most popular and widely used paint in the Northwest for more than 35 years. 





Kril a classic, 100% acrylic, high-build exterior paint.

Miller Paint offers an extensive selection of colors to chose from. Take a look at their fan deck below.



For more than 135 years, Sherwin-Williams Company has lead the industry, to manufacture and market innovative products of superior quality. The pursuit of excellence is a commitment, not an achievement.

Duration Exterior Latex Coating - Advanced exterior formula with PermaLast® technology for the most durable, longest-lasting coating available.




Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint - Provides resistance to moisture 50% faster so you can paint later in the day with less concern about dew or impending rain. 



Superpaint Exterior Latex Paint - Delivers proven performane and tough protection against the elements.




A-100 Exterior Paint - Dependable, lasting performance and a smooth,even finish.



For additional information regarding the painting process please feel free to call our office at 503.668.7533 or for information about Miller Paint colors or product information feel free to visit the Miller Paint web site under "Our Partners."

Call (503) 668.7533 for a

“Thank you so much!  The house looks great and your crew was a pleasure…”
Teresa and Curt Nelson

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